Girgentana Experience

Live a day in contact with a true mythological animal

Cheese Experience

Sican shepherds and cheeses

Palermo Experience

The charm of street food

Agris Itinere Tour

8 days in the most authentic Sicily

Experiences in Sicily

Agris Itinere will take you on a unique experiential journey to the heart of the island, where mass tourism has not yet arrived and it is still possible to fully experience the authentic spirit of the Sicilian people.

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Sicily as you have never seen it

Exiciting experiential tours through the seasons of this wonderful land

Agris Itinere is an experiential trip that starts from truly genuine, engaging and transverse activities, whether they’re culinary, food and wine, sports, historical, artistic, adventurous or natural ones, stimulating the most demanding of travellers. The seasons and the cycle of the fruits of the earth mark the rhythm of the itinerary of Agris Itinere. Choosing one part of the year rather than another means choosing always and in any case Sicily. The only things that will change are the landscapes, the flavours of the different dishes and the experiences endured.

8 days immersed in the most authentic Sicily

Here’s what experiences await you, day by day, on our tour.

Customize your experiential tour in Sicily!

Choose the duration, the period, the places and the experiences to live in Sicily.

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