Cheese Experience

Shepherds and Sican cheeses


The job of the shepherd, in the Sicans, is still lived with rithms and dynamics that never changed.

We will spend the day with some of these young shepherds, who have given up everything to carry on the family trade, which has been going on for four generations.
The day includes a visit to the small family dairy, where the parents of the shepherds are dedicated every day to the production of ricotta and cheese.
The experience is enriched by the meeting with different figures: “the sheep shepherd”, “the goatherd” and “the cow shepherd”, each one with its own story, its own experience and the typical products handed down from father to son.

NOTE: The day can be extended with a visit to a Sicilian village of your choice. 
A whole day that begins visiting the village and with itinerant tastings, then a quick lunch based on local products and, therefore, continue with the walk together with the shepherds and finish the experience with goat milking.

Duration: 4 h

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