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This tour allows you to discover the creative soul of Sicily through artistic locationsprivate collections, aesthetic expression of artists of different ages.

We will visit the Farm Cultural Park, an Independent Cultural Center. Here art and culture are noble instruments, used to give the City of Favara a new identity and a dimension of the future. We will walk through the courtyards of the historic center, transformed into true modern art galleries in the open air.

In Santo Stefano di Quisquina, in the deep Agrigento countryside, many animals are bred, the land is carefully cared for and the art is cultivated in the same way. Here, in fact, lives Lorenzo Reina, a pastor and sculptor of the past.
As you can discover in person, in the several hectares of land that have always belonged to his family, Lorenzo has created the Theater of Andromeda. It is a small open-air theater, containing 108 stone seats, like the number of stars that make up the constellation of Andromeda. A mirror of the stars, here on earth.

Next we will visit another city-museum: Gibellina.
A museum en plein air with about 60 art installations scattered throughout the city. These are large works, first of all the great Cretto of Burri. A true three-dimensional map of the old city destroyed by the earthquake.

NOTE: You can choose to add other destinations, such as the urban safari and street art tour of Palermo, the street art silos of Catania and the Fiumara d’arte of Tusa.

Duration: 5 h

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