Carradore Experience

Marcello La Scala


We will take you to a magical place made up of a unique cultural heritage, where one of the symbols of the Sicilian tradition was born: the Sicilian cart.

Andrea Camilleri wrote: “On a magical summer afternoon in Agrigento I was lucky enough to meet the last great Master CarradoreRaffaele La Scala – and the last two wonderful carts he had made. Even greater was my emotion when in San Leone I could admire the mastery of Raffaele while he was sculpting another one. His gestures tell and I hope they continue to tell the living presence of a tradition that unfortunately is destined to disappear.”

In the Book of Living Human Treasures, Raffaele La Scala is recognized, for his art and his skills, a “cultural asset” worthy of being counted among the intangible assets to be protected.
Marcello La Scala, his son, is not from Comiso like his father Raffaele, but he has inherited culture, skills and values ​​and will guide you among the works of art that his father Raffaele built during his life.

NOTE: This day can also be enriched by a dinner, a convivial tasting, together with the “La Scala” family.

Duration: 4 h

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