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Sican Famiata


In Sicily, the wood-burning oven has always been very important. In front of it there are always moments of joy and sharing in the family.
We invite you to share real moments of joy and lightheartedness, chatting, preparing and tasting typical dishes.

“Famiare” in Sicilian means “to light the fire inside the oven” to blacken the vault.

Together we will prepare the traditional miscate and scacciate
The miscate are sheets of durum wheat then rolled or braided with potatoes inside, black olives, sausage and onion. All seasoned with extra virgin olive oil. 
The scacciate, instead, are pizzas of durum wheat flour. During the preparation, the fingers sink into the dough, allowing the olive oil to soften it. They are seasoned with tomato sauce, garlic, anchovies and grated pecorino cheese.

You will participate in the various stages of preparation: dough, spread, seasoning and baking. The dinner will be completed with other seasonal dishes, which depending on the period can be prepared, such as maccu of beans or other soups.
Every dish will be accompanied by a good Sican wine.

Duration: 5 h


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