The rhythm of the seasons changes Sicily, its landscape, its flavors at the table and gives us the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences that are always new: participating in harvests in the fields, in the grape or the wheat harvest for example.

Possibility of adding them to the tour with a supplement.


From February 10th to March 30th

In February, at the foot of the Valley of the Temples it is already spring. With the almond trees in blossom, the Doric temples are even more beautiful, the sunsets more  amazing. The almond is the leitmotiv of the CIURI DI MENNULA itinerary. In the surrounding countryside, on the table and in the tastes. Recognised as a typical Sicilian product and included in the list of traditional Italian food products, the almond is an inextricable ingredient in Sicilian cuisine.

During the tour there is an option to participate in one of the most important folk events in Italy, the Almond Bloom Festival in Agrigento


From April 1st to May 31st

From March to May, the countryside in Sicily comes alive and turns green. Time grants its most precious fruits to a generous land, so that man can marvel at the flavors in products that represent the distinctive nature of our region’s culture. An ideal time in terms of the mild climate, which allows for walks in the fields, “arrusta e mangi”, and evenings to be spent in the open air. The countryside is the focus of this itinerary.

During the tour our local guide will introduce you to the F.lli Taibi farm, where we will pick and choose the products of the land with which to prepare lunch or dinner. Fresh organic products that Angelo will guide us to choose and taste.


From June 1st to July 30th

In June, the crops ready to harvest transform the landscape. Fields of golden wheat kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind. This journey will be dedicated to the ancient wheat of Sicily with its history extending over nine millennia, and its rediscovery in the fields, in the preparation and on the table. Wheat is at the heart of this itinerary.

During the tour you can participate in the wheat harvest, actively contributing to both threshing and winnowing, accompanied by the re-enactment of songs and moments of conviviality.


From Agoust 20th to September 30th

If wine is the nectar of the Gods, Sicily is the Olympus… Sicilian wines are imbibed with the scents of our land and have the character of our sun. From late August until October, the vineyards are full of grapes and the countryside is teeming with life and hard work. It is the ideal time to discover the ancient traditions and charming beauty of the countryside. The harvest is the theme of the VINALIA  itinerary, which is also a time for socialising based on folklore and memories.

One day of the tour can be dedicated to the grape harvest that will start early in the morning with a guided tour of the vineyards with the producer and the winemaker and then begin the hand-harvesting of bunches of grapes accompanied by the cellarman. Each participant will receive scissors and a basket. Picnic under the ancient carob or olive trees and the day will be animated by the stories of a storyteller who will entertain us with folk songs typical of the country tradition.


From October 1st to November 15th

In October and November, the olive harvest in Sicily is something that is shared with the family, a pastoral ritual steeped in tradition and conviviality. Olives are still harvested in the traditional way, respecting nature, so as to enjoy an organic extra virgin olive oil. The olive tree is the heart of the itinerary. A majestic tree piercing the skyline with its curved leafy branches loaded with fruit, which then becomes freshly pressed oil served on toasted bread and in hot dishes at the table.

During a day of the tour, a morning can be dedicated to the olive harvest at a local farm.


From November 10th to December

Succulent and delicious oranges. Citrus fruits have always characterised our region and our cuisine. From mid-November until well into April, we will be guests of farmers that have chosen to cultivate oranges because they love their land and its fruit. Oranges will be the scent of the tour, which we allow us to enjoy these autumn and winter flavours that taste of warmth and hospitality.

During the tour, one day can be dedicated to the visit of Ribera, the City of Oranges, and to the Paolo Ganduscio Farm, a family business with ten hectares of citrus groves that is also equipped for processing. Mr. Paolo the owner, will accompany us into the citrus grove for the orange harvest.

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