About Agris itinere

A journey to discover the flavours, traditions, history…

AGRIS ITINERE is a trip to the most genuine parts of Sicily, a trip to savour and to experience the strenuous beauty of its becoming. We do this through an itinerary that, although it varies depending on the season, we would like to summarize through what the Latins would call ITINERA PER AGROS (An itinerary through the fields), because Agris Itinere is an experiential trip that starts from truly genuine, engaging and transverse activities, whether they’re culinary, food and wine, sports, historical, artistic, adventurous or natural ones, stimulating the most demanding of travellers. The seasons and the cycle of the fruits of the earth mark the rhythm of the itineraries of AGRIS ITINERE. Choosing one rather than another means choosing always and in any case Sicily. The only things that will change are the landscapes, the flavours of the different dishes and the experiences endured. Six itineraries, six different scenarios, one single area: Sicily.

AGRIS ITINERE is a new itinerary, which we will update constantly, both on our website www.agrisitinere.it and on social networks (Facebook, Instagram), launching various promotional campaigns.

There are many new features compared to a more conventional circuit. First of all, the opportunity of participating in typical Patron-Saint Day Festivities (all important and very well known in Sicily), of visiting the weekly markets accompanied by a personal shopper, but also of following courses of the Sicilian dialect, of visiting the few wheelwrights still in business in order to become familiar with the history of Sicilian carts and their creation, and last but not least participating in the harvesting of crops. And more: themed cooking classes, strolls in the fields, visits to the most renowned wineries, to the best-known mills, to the cheese-making farms, and the opportunity of cooking in the homes where our grandmothers still today preserve the secrets of the traditional cuisine. It’s an itinerary that goes straight to the heart, enduring Sicily as a unique and unforgettable experience.

We have not left out the extraordinary historical and monumental sites of Sicily’s ancient history, many of which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. In all Agris Itinere itineraries, travellers will be able to discover the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento, the baroque beauty of Naro, just to name a few, but also small/large town centres such as Palma di Montechiaro, Favara, Sant’Angelo Muxaro and Campobello di Licata.

In Agris Itinere, in addition of fully enjoying the most genuine Sicilian countrysides, you can choose to stay in renowned farmhouses, surrounded by lush gardens or in comfortable and refined B&Bs | HOTELs.

The traveller who chooses an AGRIS ITINERE tour is assisted and supported by a team.
Besides authorized escorts and guides, various other key PLAYERS will animate the excursions: singers, personal shoppers, chefs and assistant chefs, ranchers and farmers, craftsmen, common people. Hospitality, in the broadest sense of the word, is our goal and also our means, because we want you to return to Sicily as if you were returning home.

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